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One of the world's largest private tram operating companies, Keolis is responsible for an extensive range of multimodal public transport systems in 12 countries. In total, the company handles some 2 billion passenger journeys per year. As part of joint ventures in the UK, the company handles almost 29% of all UK passenger rail journeys and is the largest commuter train operator in the South East. With a turnover of over £4 billion worldwide (around £670 million in the UK), Keolis has close to 50,000 employees.

From late 2009, Keolis, as majority shareholder has been operating the Melbourne tram system in Australia, one of the world's largest tram systems. In June 2010, as majority shareholder, Keolis started operation of the new-build tram system in the country's second largest city of Bergen. And in May 2011, Keolis was named along with its consortium partners as preferred bidder for the Gold Coast light rail project in Queensland, Australia.

Keolis assists Passenger Transport Authorities in the development and expansion of existing public transport systems and is currently helping to develop new tram projects in Brest, Angers, Tours, Dijon and Besançon.

Keolis was also renewed as operator of the Lyon public transport network in July 2010. It is the largest network in Europe to be contracted to a private operator and as the historic operator, Keolis is recognised as significant contributors to its expansion and evolution, in addition to being instrumental in the design of the new ‘Atoubus' network, soon to be introduced in the city. Keolis is proud to operate other significant multi-modal networks in France including the major cities of Bordeaux, Lille and Rennes.

Keolis operated tram in Bergen, Norway